Graphic Design

Good graphic design is an art, and a principle as every element--typography, colors, images, shapes, and patterns can draw the eye while conferring a message: your message. Emotions can be invoked and actions inspired, simply (or not), by a few lines of color.

The Sinister Six of Graphic Design


From ancient pictographs to modern logos, shapes are at the root of design.

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Color evokes deep emotion, and a designer can apply to any other element.

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The goal is not to simply place some text on a page but rather to understand and use it effectively to further the goals of the piece.

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Art, Illustration, and Photography

Photographs, illustrations, and artwork tell stories, support ideas, evoke emotion, and grab an audience's attention.

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Rich, layered graphics can create a visual texture that mirrors actual texture or creates the overall impression of it.

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Lines divide space, direct the eye, and create forms. 

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Logo examples

Plain Write-logos
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