Creative Research

Having a great website requires a bit of creative research. What are the current web design trends? The choices can seem intimidating, so I start with the basic idea: what is it that YOU and YOUR audience likes?


Have it YOUR Way (while targeting your audience)

You may have some idea of what makes a great website; I know I do! The trick is to deliver your message to your target audience. For example, you may like a clean and stark design aesthetic, but that won't play well if you sell colorful children's toys.

Finding that right balance of what you want and what your audience needs is something I excel at by doing the creative research, filtering out the noise, and giving you options that, based on my professional experience, would fit your project best.

Current Web Desing Trends

Balancing the latest in web design with proven concepts takes skill. We'll work together: bring me your ideas and let's see what will work best for your project.

What's Hot right now

Keeping up with what's hot right now may not apply to your project. However, I like to get inspiration from my peers as a web developer. Here are a few current trends that have me saying, "Wow!".

  • Experimental Navigation

    Experimental navigation patterns can be fun and exciting if they are intuitive enough for users to understand reasonably quickly.

  • Scrolling Effects

    With advanced prototyping tools and animation software, designers get to explore more dynamic web experiences.

  • Kinetic Typography

    Kinetic typography comes in many forms. The creations are a feast for the eyes, whether a homage to a famous movie speech or song or an exploration of the typography itself. 

  • Drag Interaction

    Besides the scroll, click and drag interactions are the most widely used on mobile-optimized websites.

  • Retro Typography

    Vintage design is the elegance of classic typography with its mix of cursive & sans-serif typefaces, clever layouts, and the combination of textures and illustrations to relate to the techniques.

  • Cinemagraphs

    Cinemagraphs have bridged photography and video, combining the strengths of each into a striking hybrid.

  • Brutalism

    Brutalism in web design is a crude, plain, and transparent style that prioritizes functionality over form and effectivity over aesthetics.

  • Monochromatic Gradients

    Gradients are making a comeback, and the multi-tone effects are driving modern design in a big way.