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Taking advantage of a beautiful day, a full tank of gas and some spending money, I decided to take my youngest out for a drive to Woodbury Commons in Central Valley, NY, about an hours drive. Upon arrival, after I had parked my car and put the baby in the stroller, I downloaded the mall app, which was advertised on the website and on kiosks throughout the campus. The app has maps, store listings and available discount information. However, before I started to shop, I decided to have a seat and do some people watching. 

The first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of people with rolling suitcases. According to the mall directory, there are over 200 stores and related services available on 149 acres. I took note of the kind of shoes: comfortable. A lot of walking is needed to see what was available. The app was useful enough to give me store listings and available discounts but not what I and everyone else needed: a wayfinder map.

Concept & Description

A wayfinder map uses GPS technology locally to show the user where they are and how to get to where they want to be. For a mall as spread out as Woodbury Common, a wayfinder map in the app would be ideal, especially one that you can add stops to so that you can map your route. As a user walks along the route, they can be alerted to deals nearby. If they’re logged in with other users who are using also using the map, they can get a real-time census of all users at a location, to anticipate if a store crowded inside. As you can see from the concept example below, the map can have labels for restrooms, member services and any other amenity available. You should also be able to pin a location, like where you parked. The app would be available in various native languages and be able to give you turn-by-turn directions. The overall look of the app should be luxe, to reflect the branding of Simon Property Group.

Iris Gomez

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