How Does GoToMeeting Bridge Distance

To test the capabilities and features of the popular collaboration tool GoToMeeting, I signed up for a free 14 day trial. The trial version requires no credit card or other payment information and took less than a minute to enter my name, email, and password. GoToMeeting also prompts for a phone number and job title, which are optional and company size.

Once signed up, you are logged into the GoToMeeting Hub where you have access to information regarding scheduled meetings, past meetings and settings. The dashboard has several, clearly marked links for creating a meeting. You can either create a meeting or accept an invitation to a meeting using your computer or mobile device. Sending an invitation is simple: just copy the link for the meeting, which has a unique ID, and send it to the recipient. They will have to install the GoToMeeting app to join the meeting.

The meeting chat window has options for recording the chat, microphone and camera settings. The meeting room can hold up to 251 people and you can switch the view to who’s talking or to everyone. It’s simple and clutter free: the controls are intuitive and easy to use, even on first use.

Important Features

Screen sharing – One of the capabilities of the chat window is the ability to share your screen with the members of the meeting. This is an important feature when you have information or processes you want to share or demonstrate: you can instantly use your screen like an interactive white board.

Chat Recording – Users can record the meeting and share the recording to members of the group. This is a great feature to keep a record of a meeting for members who may not have been able to attend or for posterity.

Meeting Lock – If you want to limit the number of members, or not allow users to join mid-sentence, you have the option to lock meetings.

Dial in to meeting – If a user does not have access to a computer of a smart device, they can still call in to the meeting using a special number and unique access code.

Instant meeting – If you just need to have a quick meeting, a user can start one instantly. Once the chat window opens, they can send the invite link to the team members who need to attend.

GoToMeeting is a pretty comprehensive tool for communicating between team members via chat, video conference and screen share. gives it an excellent rating and stated:  “GoToMeeting is one of the easiest conferencing services to use, and its video conferencing feature keeps the app relevant in today’s competitive market.” The only drawback is that there is no “raise your hand” feature, which would be ideal for meetings of large groups. 


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Iris Gomez

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