Ethical Challenges in Information Technology

When I think about the ethical challenges I have encountered, the most challenging has been digital ownership. When a client submits a picture on their website, I check to ensure they own it, have permission from the owner, or are free to use it for their commercial endeavor. Quite a few of my clients would grab a picture from a Google search and ask that I use it on their site or include it as part of a brochure or poster. To verify if an image is protected by copyright, I follow the steps detailed on check for an image credit, check for a watermark, check the metadata, or do a reverse Google search. If I have a doubt, I reaffirm with the client that it is their image via email so I have documentation that they attest that they have a right to use the picture. 

When clients need images, I refer them to, my go-to for stock images. If an image is used, I give attribution to the owner. 



Five ways to verify an image and identify the copyright owner. (n.d.). Pixsy. Retrieved February 22, 2021, from 

Iris Gomez

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