The Value of Time

Based on my experience planning this trip, a simple excursion with just one person is easier to book and plan for personally than to outsource the work to a travel agent. Though I appreciate the expertise of a travel agent and the possibility of insider discounts, I appreciate the value of my money more. I have experience tracking flights, am naturally thrifty and am not afraid to make decisions. 

Making the Mall a Better Place


Taking advantage of a beautiful day, a full tank of gas and some spending money, I decided to take my youngest out for a drive to Woodbury Commons in Central Valley, NY, about an hours drive. Upon arrival, after I had parked my car and put the baby in the stroller, I downloaded the mall app, which was advertised on the website and on kiosks throughout the campus. The app has maps, store listings and available discount information. However, before I started to shop, I decided to have a seat and do some people watching. 

Social Media and Business

How is social media being used in the businesses or organizations (governmental, geo-political, social…)?  Pick one case to illustrate your point. Provide details on the type social media, its purpose, how it is used, and ways to extend or improve the particular type of media used.

Social media is being used by businesses to provide another level of customer service to consumers. Case in point: When I moved, I wanted Verizon Fios as a service. After I paid a required deposit, the service was installed but within days I was very dissatisfied and called to cancel. Although I was cancel the shoddy service, they balked at returning my $250 deposit. I spent days on the phone, being transfered from one incompetent customer service representative to another. I even got “disconnected” a few times. When my cal did get answered and escalated, the supervisor told me it would take 150 days to receive a refund of my deposit.

Improving The New York Times Social Media Strategy


The New York Times website went live on January 22, 1996. According to Bonazzo (2016), “The Times immediately began offering online-only content, centered on events like presidential elections and the death of celebrities like Princess Diana.” The New York Times has the 2nd highest newspaper traffic in the US, per Porter, et al. (2018).

Basics and Implications of Search and the Page Rank Algorithm

Part 1: Describe how Internet searches work. Considering Google, what parameters does it use in its pagerank algorithm?

According to Google (n.d.), this is how internet search works:

Organizes Information
Using web crawlers, Google visits web pages and page links, looking for new information. It then indexes the information found on the pages that can be searched using a series of algorithms. 

Improving The New York Times Website


The New York Times website ( is the online presence for the NYT newspaper based in New York City. The site offers news and opinions on a variety of topics, such as business, politics, science, style, books, sports, etc. The daily paper was first published in 1851 and the online version was first published in 1996 (Lichterman, 2016). The online edition is a subscription service, with a few articles available for free each month.