Wireless Networking

Wireless networks can be found everywhere from your home to your favorite coffee shop to the NYC subway.  What are some of the concerns with using a public WIFI network?  What can be done to protect yourself when using a public WIFI network? There are some inherent risks to using a public Wi-Fi network. UnlikeContinue reading “Wireless Networking”

PSRIT Report: Cisco Unity Express Arbitrary Command Execution Vulnerability

Summary Cisco PSIRTs are reports that are issued by Cisco’s Product Security Incident Response Team who “is responsible for responding to Cisco product security incidents.” (Cisco Security Vulnerability Policy, n.d.) This global team provides guidance to customers regarding reported vulnerabilities and provides resources for addressing security issues. The report, Advisory ID #cisco-sa-20181107-cue, is titled CiscoContinue reading “PSRIT Report: Cisco Unity Express Arbitrary Command Execution Vulnerability”

Protecting Yourself

My life revolves around the internet. I work and attend school remotely, as well as to conduct my personal business all from my home computer and laptop. As someone who uses multiple types of accounts and services, I know the importance of securing my information from those who would want to exploit any vulnerabilities. HereContinue reading “Protecting Yourself”

GoDaddy Web Hosting Accounts Compromised

On October 19, 2019, GoDaddy submitted a Breach Notification to the State of California Department of Justice admitting that there had been a breach of hosting sites by an unknown actor who, according to TechRepublic, “had gained access to the login credentials of customers who use SSH (Secure Shell) to connect to their hosting accounts.”Continue reading “GoDaddy Web Hosting Accounts Compromised”

Processor Types

I recently wanted to have a reliable desktop to use for school so I purchased a Dell Inspiron AIO AMD A9 Series with 8GB of RAM and a 256 Solid State Drive. It was my first Dell in a long time and my first PC with an AMD processor I can recall owning. I broughtContinue reading “Processor Types”


Motherboards with integrated components, such as sound cards and modems, are generally cheaper overall than motherboards that would need those components purchased separately. If I was building, for example, a desktop gaming PC, I would use a non-integrated motherboard so that I could choose the appropriate components that would meet my specific needs. Such aContinue reading “Motherboards”

Computer Upgrades

I haven’t upgraded any computers in the last few years because I’ve sold them to purchase newer models. The last laptop I upgraded was one that I had purchased from a pawnshop. I replaced the battery and added more RAM before I sold it for a profit. At the time, I had brought a decentContinue reading “Computer Upgrades”

Privacy Policy

According to Wikipedia, a privacy policy is “is a statement or a legal document (in privacy law) that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client’s data.” To properly develop a privacy policy for our social media company, it should include the following items, asContinue reading “Privacy Policy”

Information Privacy

I would like to think that I’m very concerned about my personal electronic privacy but my habits and web presence doesn’t reflect that concern. Honestly, it’s just not convenient to protect my privacy. I have a smart speaker in every room, a computer that listens for possible voice commands, along with various social media profilesContinue reading “Information Privacy”

How Does GoToMeeting Bridge Distance

To test the capabilities and features of the popular collaboration tool GoToMeeting, I signed up for a free 14 day trial. The trial version requires no credit card or other payment information and took less than a minute to enter my name, email, and password. GoToMeeting also prompts for a phone number and job title,Continue reading “How Does GoToMeeting Bridge Distance”