Computer Upgrades

I haven’t upgraded any computers in the last few years because I’ve sold them to purchase newer models. The last laptop I upgraded was one that I had purchased from a pawnshop. I replaced the battery and added more RAM before I sold it for a profit. At the time, I had brought a decent computer repair kit with the intention of fixing minor computer issues on the side for friends and family but it’s been lately gathering dust. The computers I’m using now are less than a year old and work well for my uses. 

The 5 rules for me to consider upgrading are:

  1. Is the upgrade really necessary?
  2. Is the computer under warranty?
  3. Can I get a trade-in deal?
  4. Can I upgrade it myself?
  5. Are the parts of good quality for a decent price?

I know just because an upgrade is available, doesn’t mean that I need it. On my desktop and laptop, I have great load times, no lag and plenty of storage space. I use my computer for school and work and the programs associated with that activity. Overclocking and maxing out RAM sounds cool, but I don’t need it to edit photos in Photoshop.

Iris Gomez

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