Case Study – Analysis and Comparison of Job Offers in the IT Sector


Lisa Jameson has been offered two positions: one with Pembroke Boats and the other with Albemarle Express. To evaluate which of the positions would be the better fit, each job offer will be gauged based on the following criteria: location of the job, salary, advancement potential, and future prospects within the company. Finally, each job offer will be judged on a pessimistic and optimistic view to conclude on which position would be the best. 

Analysis and Comparison of Job Offers in the IT Sector 

The first offer under consideration is from a small boat manufacturing company, Pembroke Boats. Located in a small Ohio town, the job title is Information Coordinator, though the company has no established IT department. Jameson would have to establish the systems and networks and would be the only IT employee. 

The other job offer pay is more per year ($7,500) and is in Detroit. Albemarle Express is a national trucking firm and the position is for a Programmer / Analyst. There is a possibility for advancement to Systems Analyst based on job performance. There are rumors that Albemarle may be acquired by another company, though nothing has been yet confirmed.  

Geography / Location of Job 

Pembroke Boats is in a small town, which offers some benefits over metropolitan areas. According to, “small-town companies often have stronger ties with their employees and turnover is less than in the big city.” Other benefits include less crime, lower cost of living, close-knit community, and less traffic. Albemarle Express is located in Detroit, which, according to CNBC, is one of the ten best cities for jobs. Per, Detroit is innovative, has an extensive public transportation system, and has a low cost of living.  


The position at Pembroke Boats pays $7,500 less than the position at Albemarle Express. Small-town communities have a lower cost of living than larger cities so the loss of $625 per month may not matter as much as compared to living in a city like San Francisco. Albemarle Express high wage would go far in Detroit because the cost of living there is lower than the national average, “27% lower as a matter of fact, and that includes housing, food, and health care.” (Connley, 2020) 

Advancement Potential 

Pembroke Boats has the potential of building an entire department from scratch but there is no advancement potential because of the size of the company and the role within the company. Albemarle Express is a national company and the initial role may be smaller, it is well defined. There is the potential of advancement, based on job performance. 

Future Prospects for the Company 

There is a rumor that Albemarle Express may be acquired by another company which may make the role at the company uncertain. However, this rumor has not been substantiated and rumors of this type are common. Pembroke Boats future would depend on how long they have been in business, current sales, and the effectiveness of management. 

Pessimistic View 

IT roles in a small company like Pembroke Boats usually means a “all hands-on deck” arrangement. The role is not clearly defined so the definition will have to be created. Working and living in a small town will have limited IT opportunities. Working for a larger company like Albemarle Express in a larger market means there is more competition and higher expectations. More money does not translate to a better standard of living. Page Break 

Optimistic View 

There is something to be said about building an IT department for a small company like Pembroke Boats. Writing the IT standards that will carry the company forward is like being an explorer discovering a new world. However, with the additional money offered by Albemarle Express, a clearly defined role and opportunity for advancement means a more structured work experience. 


After careful consideration, the choice is clear: Albemarle Express is the company whose offer should be considered seriously. Albemarle offers a higher wage, career growth and advancement. There is an advantage to living in a larger metropolitan area as an IT specialist, such as more opportunities to network with peers. In the event the Albemarle is acquired by another company, there are other openings in Detroit to choose from. Accepting the job at Pembroke would mean more responsibility than the position at Albemarle since the role entails creating the department. Albemarle is a clear choice. 


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